About Our Cashmere


Did you know that the most established Italian manufacturers source their cashmere fibers from Alashan, the westernmost of Inner Mongolia? Another important fact – our cashmere is also from native Alashan goats, they are well-known for producing the finest fiber that will bring the softest touch.



⊚ 100% Pure Cashmere. Our cashmere is famous for its luxurious texture and incredibly softness, which originated from the Inner Mongolia. The best fibers are from Mongolian goats and its long fibers are the softest and most sought after in the world. The Inner Mongolia is where our cashmere are proudly source from.


⊚ 100% Italian. In our namesake, we are known for our cashmere, but customers also keep coming back to our Italian yarn style collection: Cotton, Viscose Blend, Merino Wool, Novelty, Cashmere Silk, Cashmere Wool Blend, and Cashmere Blend. All yarn aside from Pure Cashmere are source from Northern Italy. Italian made are first and foremost about quality, the ultimate luxury you will find nowhere else.

We pride ourselves for having the strictest standard for authentic cashmere, each yarn is carefully selected before it goes through production; ensuring that the most exceptional cashmere fibers are ready-to-wear for our customers.