Cashmere Wash by The Laundress. Autumn Cashmere. Dry Clean at Home. Clean Cashmere to Last a Lifetime.
Cashmere Wash by The Laundress
Cashmere Wash by The Laundress. Autumn Cashmere. Whitens Brightens Preserves Cashmere. Dry Clean at Home. Care Detergent.

Cashmere Wash by The Laundress

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We have partnered with The Laundress™ with the aim of reducing the need for dry cleaning. The Cashmere Wash shampoo will keep your favorite cashmere in beautiful condition. The eco-friendly shampoo was developed with the cashmere care experts to preserve the natural material of your Autumn Cashmere items.


  • Cashmere/Wool Shampoo
  • Size: 16 fl. Oz
  • Nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free.
  • Scent is a blend of bright greens, currant, and jasmine surrounded by complex woods, grounded with the warmth of amber and musk.
  • Ingredients: Concentrated blend of plant-derived anionic and nonionic surfactants, essential oils, and fragrance.

How to Use:

  • Option I: Handwashing gentle and lay flat to dry.
  • Option II: Machine Wash in Cold Water: Use Delicate or Woolen Cycle.
    *We recommend turning the item inside out and insert in a mesh bag for further protection.
  • Lay flat to dry in natural shape.
  • Never use the dryer. Steam as needed.

Launder As Follows:

  • Handwash
    1/16 cup or 2 capfuls | 32 washes
  • HE Machine - Woolens Cycle
    1/8 cup or 4 capfuls | 16 washes
  • Non-HE Machine - Woolens Cycle
    1/4 cup or 8 capfuls | 8 washes

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